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Learn Spanish in the Capital, Managua Nicaragua


We have been teaching Spanish language classes to non-Spanish speakers since 2004.

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers.


Located in the heart of the Capitol city of Managua Nicaragua, Viva Spanish School is Nicaragua’s leading Spanish language school! Our classes are focused on teaching Spanish to non-Spanish speakers.


Our programs are designed to nurture the confidence and knowledge that lead to fluency. We believe that a solid foundation in all four skill areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking) is essential to achieve an effective level of communication.


As the principle Spanish school in Managua, our students include Embassy employees and their families, NGOs and mission groups, medical teams, university students and tourists. We focus on both the grammatical teaching of the language and on the development of verbal communication skills.


Start almost any weekday of the year and study for one week to six months or more!


Our classes are typically one-on-one (one student/one teacher). We also offer small group classes upon request.


We rotate our teachers, meaning that you will have one teacher for grammar and one teacher for conversation; two different teachers for each 4 hour class. The change of teacher brings a fresh perspective and lengthens your attention span.

We are here to get you reading, writing, listening and speaking Spanish as quickly as possible.


To help us determine your level, please take the time to complete our placement test.

  1. Step 1. Click on this link Viva Spanish Placement Test to download a copy the test to your computer.
  2. Step 2. Complete as many of the questions as you can. (Please do not use a dictionary or reference manual).
  3. Step 3. Email a copy of your completed test to info@vivaspanishschool.com.
Online Classes


An easy-access online Spanish program. Online classes with your own private tutor is an excellent way to learn the Spanish language.  We connect you with a native Spanish teacher located in Nicaragua Central America who communicates with you live, with the help of Skype.


Viva Spanish Online classes are operated by Viva Spanish School Managua. The courses range from basic to advanced, so whether you’re a complete beginner or have been studying Spanish for years, Viva will provide Spanish instruction at the right level for you. We will tailor your classes to your level and goals.